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Climate Feedback becomes ideologically clean

RealClimate.ORG has informed all of their believers about great news: "Climate Feedback [Nature's climate blog] seems to have gotten back on track!" :-) Michael Mann can now happily endorse it which is the second best thing after a Nobel prize!

Commercial: Václav Klaus speaks in the U.N. on Monday!
Michael Mann was kind of nervous at the beginning because one of the first articles on Climate Feedback described the decay of the hockey stick, even though McIntyre and McKitrick were not mentioned, and there were several other articles that could have been viewed as sane ones.

But things are great for RealClimate.ORG right now. Climate Feedback has been overrun by hardcore believers and the three newest articles teach us that
  1. Syun-Ichi Akasofu in the Wall Street Journal is crazy because there is a complete consensus, Michael Mann's hockey stick is perfect, and so on
  2. Clarity is emerging in temperature-hurricane links even though this article seems to be the converse of clarity; Climate Feedback attacks a paper that shows that the landfalling hurricanes haven't increased which probably means that no hurricanes have increased and people just overlooked 3 hurricanes on the ocean in the past; Climate Feedback parrots Michael Mann's assertion that it surely can't be true because there are "good reasons" why the percentage of landfalling hurricanes is changed by global warming (the best reason is that this weird legend helps climate-religious people in their belief)
  3. Polar bears disappear even though the total number of polar bears jumped from 5,000 in the 1950s to 20-25,000 today and Mitch Taylor has just showed us that a particular "threatened" (according to the U.N.) population in Canada is rapidly expanding

The author of the articles 1,2 is Kevin Trenberth whom the ClimateAudit readers remember because of some of his bizarre and pretty clearly untrue accusations. All three articles above are great but only 1,2 explicitly cite the holy genius of Michael Mann. It just happens that Michael Mann considers 1,2 to be the only two recent excellent entries. ;-)

Sorry but this guy simply suffers from the Messiah complex.

At any rate, congratulations to RealClimate.ORG. They must feel just like devoted Christians who have just burned a witch. And congratulations to all of their fans who can again worship the perfect shape of the hockey stick, the disappearing polar bears, and the unstoppably strengthening hurricanes. ;-)


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