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Colbert report with Bjørn Lomborg

I disagree with some of Lomborg's statements but it's fun anyway. He promoted his new book Cool It and argues that there are better investments than to fight climate change. You can see that it is hard for Colbert to play his role - at some moments, he has a temptation to try to debunk Lomborg's assertions - but he resists so that the video is still funny and pleasant.

Lomborg together with John Tierney of the New York Times made a trip to a café under the Brooklyn bridge. The amazing discovery that Tierney made is that the shocking 1-foot sea level rise in the last century hasn't destroyed Manhattan! Who could have thought? Tierney was so surprised that the impact of a 1-foot sea level rise on Manhattan wasn't as catastrophic as the movies suggest that he had to write a long article about it in the New York Times. ;-)

Thanks God and John Tierney that he wrote it. I still view the New York Times as the leading U.S. source of printed news, despite its left-wing bias.

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