Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Global warming causes inflation in China

Global warming has caused the hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, Rita, Dean, and Felix as well as the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, as the boss of the United Nations taught us.

Another problem was created by global warming:
Inflation in China (IPS News)
At least this is the conclusion of Ma Kai, the central planner of China. According to common sense, that's a very entertaining conclusion. There are also scientific papers that show that such a supernatural mechanism is unlikely:
Xiong et al. 2007
The authors collect evidence that implies that the CO2 fertilization would compensate (or overcompensate) possible adverse effects of higher temperatures. At any rate, the Chinese communist officials show that they're "hip", indeed.

Meanwhile, the introduction of
is expected to lead to a food crisis - a statement that sounds somewhat more likely than the warming-inflation link.

While the Chinese officials already blame their 5.6% inflation on global warming, they resist attempts to impose carbon caps, asking for development space. In fact, the rising CO2 emissions are the foreign companies' fault, after all. ;-) The fight against climate change became a job of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

In the context of APEC, the U.S. and Australia have paradoxically become the anti-carbon activists and originators of tension before the final statement published by the bloc. Japan supports Australia's strategy.

Glaciers on Mount Shasha, Northern California, have joined the growing family of climate change deniers. They ignored the predictions of shrinking and advanced by 30% in the last 50 years instead. Someone should ask Rev Al Gore to visit the place and force the glaciers to behave.

Finally, the European Parliament combines anti-Israeli and climate change hysteria.

Hat tip: Benny Peiser

Bonus: Big Macs in Japan cost 50% for the customers who are "committed" to fight against "climate change". You must reduce your shower time and air-conditioning. Japanese are thrilled.

Better news from BBC: The Planet Relief green propaganda project was killed. The official reason was not that this brainwashing shouldn't be paid by taxpayers but rather the gigantic failure of Al Gore's Live Earth concert.

Dams cause warming: once the environmentalists ban fossil fuels and nuclear energy, you might hope that there will be places left where one can use hydro dams. Well, dams cause climate change, too. ;-)

Indulgence fraud: tens of thousands of not too intelligent people have bought fake carbon indulgences for real money. ;-) The alleged carbon neutrality of An Inconvenient Truth costs "whopping" USD 496.80.

The Pope goes green, too: half a million Catholics were told to become greenies

DiCaprio's eco-movie has been a total bust in the box office. A Russian filmmaker was the only person in the room who was awake at one point

A flagrant conflict of interests: Roger Pielke Sr describes the IPCC process

British yachtsman: trapped by heavy ice in the Arctic: he relied on global warming :-). Russian ships that instead rely on nuclear energy could save this "pretty fed-up" sailor

Several hat tips: Marc Morano

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