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Global warming: an unsettled science

A serious analysis would probably require more than some of these slogans but I hope that you will find some new interesting articles in the clip. Perhaps, you will also like the dramatic music (Holst: The Planets: Mars, thanks to the music experts among you!) as much as I do. ;-)

The clip focuses on the climate reconstructions, disagreement of the models with patterns of reality, papers arguing that the role of the Sun exceeds certain fractions, and ill-definedness of the surface air temperature.

The creator of this video has to be a pretty talented young person. See additional work by iloveemo1984. One of them is about cosmoclimatology and uses music by Rammstein (Die Sonne). ;-)

In another video "Every breath you take" (guess what is the music), he analyzes the weird ruling that EPA should regulate CO2. Another video called "Opportunities" (music of the same name by Pet Shop Boys) explains what Al Gore means by saying that the Chinese word for "crisis" combines two characters, "danger" and "opportunity". ;-)

One more video is about the coming ice age warnings. Czech American scientist George Kukla ends up being the only believer than an ice age is imminent but the main point are the similarities and evolution of people's opinions.

Al Gore finds truth inconvenient is about various huge exaggerations by Al Gore. Global warming and other catastrophes is about starvation, overpopulation, and other alarms.

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snail feedback (2) :

reader said...

The music, for those who don't know, is from Holst's symphonic work called the planets. You have probably heard nearly the whole thing in bits and pieces of movie soundtracks. Me thinks John Williams had heard a little Holst before he wrote the Star Wars soundtrack.

Thanks for the link to the video, I enjoyed it.

reader Jan Pompe said...

This morning I noticed that iloveemos that you have a link to has been removed for violating WAG Tv's copyright. That movie had no content from TGGWS so there was no violation of WAG TVs copyright.

Do the alarmists of this world have to resort to such tactics is their case really so weak?

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