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Ice-hockey in Pilsen

Last night, we went to see an ice-hockey match, the first one in the new season. In my case, it was an experience I haven't tried for many years. Our team, HC Lasselsberger Pilsen, beat HC Vítkovice Steel 5:4 after individual shots or whatever is the right English term for penalty shootout. ;-)

You can't expect me to know these things. On Thursday, British media informed about a speedway rider, a teenager from Pilsen who learned perfect English by shaking his brain in a car crash - a miracle that is supposed to exist under the name of xenoglossy. Do you believe it? ;-) Wikipedia explains that xenoglossy is related to reincarnation :-) but how could I mock this thing if a fellow Pilsner guy could do it?

What may be more impressive than the Pilsner players are the Pilsner fans. There have been 6,191 people there and many of them were screaming like mad. The most active part of the audience gathers on our, Eastern side of the stadium.

There were about 2,500 people in the extended loudest part of the hardcore Pilsner melting pot - a body of fans that may be the most active body of sports fans in the world. It is a group of people equipped with standardized slogans, anthems, banners, and apparel. I am also a city patriot but these people are amazing. Everytime the Vítkovice player (guests) do something good, the Pilsner fans whistle like mad.

It just happens that every decision of the referee that helps the local team is great and every decision of the referee that helps the guests is bad. More importantly, there is a complete consensus about these matters in the melting pot. They are the very best 2,500 people you may find in the whole city who have the skills to be ice-hockey fans.

You may also find some fans from Ostrava who sit inside or near the melting pot and who may have a different opinion but they must be pretty silent, for their own security.

Even though I haven't seen ice-hockey in real life for some time, it seemed to me that those 2,500 people on the Eastern side of the ice-hockey stadium reminded me of someone. They behave in the same way, evaluate the same events that all of us see in the same "objective fashion", and completely agree with each other. Where have I seen these people?

Finally, I realized what was the right answer: it's the IPCC, the world's "top" 2,500 climate scientists! :-)

They scream "Škoda Plzeň" or "Pilsner ceramics", paying no attention that the team has belonged to Lasselsberger for several years. They have no tolerance for heretics or deniers that the Pilsner team is the best one and it must surely win the extraleague (last season, they were the second team from the end of the table).

Needless to say, there also exists a harder core inside the hardcore - the summarymakers. One summarymakers was especially loud - you hear insights such as that the referee is an idiot at 120 decibels. I was told that the guy is always there. It must be James Hansen's relative. ;-)

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