Saturday, September 01, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth: video

Update: The full propaganda movie, An Inconvenient Truth, is now freely available. See these 9 parts per 10 minutes (the list is upside down) with Spanish subtitles.
You can compare the scientific content of the first ten minutes of Al Gore's movies with the first ten minutes of Martin Durkin's documentary, the Great Global Warming Swindle.


First minute: a romantic scene with river, trees, frogs, cow, and Al Gore

Second minute: Al Gore is greeted as a prophet and shows the first picture of Earth from space

Third minute: chimneys, disastrous pictures, Al Gore is proud about his results in politics

Fourth minute: radio informs about the biggest crisis (Katrina), Al Gore's moral musings, describing the story how the Earth was photographed from space; this picture started the modern eco-movement, he says

Fifth minute: now it is a whole animation of Earth that is taken from space

Sixth minute: beautiful lands of Earth continue

Seventh minute: a teacher explains young Gore that according to the scientific consensus, it was ridiculous for Africa and America to fit together; the classmate who had the anti-consensus idea about continental drift becomes a drug addict while the teacher becomes a science advisor of the government (well, that's pretty typical!) ;-)

Eighth minute: Earth is big but its atmosphere is so thin that we can influence it; Al Gore cites his friend Carl Sagan

Ninth minute: animation of the sunrays and IR rays absorbed in the atmosphere

Tenth and eleventh minute: an explanation of global warming that Al Gore prefers: in a cartoon, a small girl's ice cream melts. An adult man explains it is because of Mr Sunbeam who is beaten up by evil green greenhouse gases. Dead bodies of the Sunbeam family cover the atmosphere. The girl asks how do we get rid of the greenhouse grasses. Fortunately, the handsomest politician had an idea: they're throwing ever larger pieces of ice into the ocean, solving the problem once and for all, creating a flat Earth's climate (well, that's also pretty typical). Everyone applauds.

That's the first part of Al Gore's scientific documentary. ;-)

Climate skeptic survives an attack against his airplane

It is safe to be a U.S. senator and a climate skeptic at the same time? On Thursday, James Inhofe's airplane was forced to take evasive maneuvers to avoid rocket-propelled grenades. Inhofe watched through the window as the grenades exploded near the plane. Three of them came very close. He said that he felt the blasts. Asked if he was frightened, Inhofe responded: "Not a bit. I was kind of excited."

See Google News.

Terrorist attack against Canadian ship

Three pirates have attacked a Canadian ship with 30,000 tons of coal on Thursday and kidnapped it for many hours. The Seafarer's International Union that owns the ship has determined that it was not a small incident. The culprits should be charged with terrorism or piracy and the union has demanded that Stephen Harper does something about it. So far, they are only charged with mischief. The terrorists demand everyone to fight against global warming and give up coal and nuclear energy. They are members of an international terrorist organization called Greenpeace.

Another 8-minute segment blaming hurricanes, dry lakes etc. on global warming.

Additional 23 minutes in 5 parts with various topics.


  1. Durkin fudged things to fit his narrative. Please check the links below, after which, I don't think that respectable sites should promote his production, without mentioning the fudging he did.

    If you want to argue about IPCC and its findings on scientific footing; fine. There are reasonable questions one can ask. But, promoting a partly fraudulently produced movie isn't great.

    1. Global Warming Swindle movie debunked (part 1 of 8)

    2. Swindler’s List

    3. Swindlers

    4. Swindles in the 'The Great Global Warming Swindle

    I tried posting this through haloscan, but it doesn't seem to have come through. Therefore, I'm reposting.

  2. Direct link to part 2 of the Durkin interview is here: Global Warming Swindle movie's fudging of facts exposed (part 2 of 8)

    The entire 8-part series can be found on this page: voltscommissar's Videos

    Thank you.