Monday, September 24, 2007

Live from the United Nations

Live broadcast removed

Most of the speakers had nothing to say so they were emitting the same verbal fog as nearly everyone else.

The only exception I noticed was the Czech President. Download his talk in the IVR format playable by RealPlayer 11. In the 6.99 MB file (9 minutes), Václav Klaus starts to talk in 30 seconds. See also the transcript.

I have watched about 20 speakers and it's just a complete catastrophe. If someone suggested that Czechia is going to leave the United Nations, I would almost definitely agree. It's an organization full of bureaucrats who look like concerned careerist members of Komsomol. All of them are ready to say an arbitrary amount of lies, none of them is willing to think with his or her brain, and their statements reflect neither science nor the opinions of the people of the Earth.

While the percentage of skeptics among scientists as well as the population is of order 10-50 percent, there is exactly one leader of a U.N. member country that has the courage to offer his skeptical viewpoint. I think that this proves that most politicans in the current world are spineless jerks.

It seems that Klaus is a brave man. After having heard dozens of these puppets saying that no one is allowed to disagree and everyone has to consider stupid girls from Greenpeace to be the main constituency of the international organization - and literally tons of similar ideological and alarmist garbage - it is non-trivial that he gave the talk that he has prepared.

The Cuban minister who speaks now is very characteristic, too. Climate change is caused by consumerist capitalist countries and Fidel Castro has discovered this fact. What he says is otherwise identical - this Cuban viewpoint is the pure essence of the global warming movement. I think that the Cuban minister's comment is fair: it really seems that nearly the whole world has bought the ideology of Fidel Castro. That unfortunately includes even China.


  1. Lubos, this is the wrong place, but the fast comments do not work. I wanted to see your download of Klaus, but that also doesnt work, Real continues to say that it needs to download additional files, goes to Real and then concludes that there are no additional files to download, and that is it. I have no idea what went wrong. The streaming Real of the incredibly boring UN-theatre does work, just saw our Dutch PM. But the Klaus download no.
    Theo Richel

  2. Dear theo, I apologize, but as you can see by Larry's fast comments, fast comments work for most of us.

    The IVR format is extremely annoying but it was the only way I could find to catch the video... Do you have the newest RealPlayer?

    All the best

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  4. Thanks for having the live broadcast up there. What a depressing thing to listen to! Developing countries begging for money from the developed world because they believe it's the fault of industrialized nations that their countries are going to be underwater, sending millions of fleeing refugees into who knows where. Shame on the crackpots who perpetuate this fear!

    We should all be willing to lend a helping hand to the developing world, to help them overcome poverty and become self-sufficient, contributing members of the world economy, but guess what: we are already doing that. For the world to pretend that the US, Canada, and the EU don't help developing nations is crazy.

    What's even more crazy are the speakers who began their talks with, "Global warming is real, and it is man-made," or something to that effect. It reminds me of my childhood days growing up in a cult-like religion, where every Sunday, people would stand at the podium and begin their talks with, "I know this church is true." Red flag: if you have to keep repeating it, it probably isn't true. No one walks around going, "I know gravity is real, it's a fact, and it's happening today."

    Huge kudos to Vaclav Klaus - a reasonable, responsible man who can absolutely be considered a "leader," in the true sense of the word.