Sunday, September 23, 2007

The mole and the coal becomes politically incorrect

Zdeněk Miler, a Czechoslovak cartoonist, started to produce these cute mole cartoons in 1956, long before your humble correspondent was born, and they were entertaining generations of babies. If there ever were a peaceful cartoon for small kids, this is one. The communist reality in Czechoslovakia couldn't change anything about it.

However, times are changing. A Youtube user called "hollermommy" wrote:
This is pure coal company propganda. Coal Kills and it is killing our planet. Coal is not extracted nicely. The coal industry is blowing up mountains to mine coal and the smoke from burnign coal is causing global warming. This is hidden evil.
Poor babies who live today. Instead of cute cartoons that have also taught them basic things about the world and how it works, they are going to be exposed to fear, ignorance, guilt, and environmentalist politically correct garbage.

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