Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six years ago: 9/11/2001

Off-topic: for visitors from France

On this blog, there are two main categories of articles that are dedicated to string theory:

Back to 9/11/2001

Six years ago, I was defending my PhD thesis at Rutgers. What I forgot to show you were

these pages about the events.
If you remember, cnn.com was kind of down for several hours and I (incorrectly) thought that other news agencies were also overloaded. So that's why I created the small private version of cnn.com above. Because people were really following news, the new page above had about 10,000 hits per day.


I just watched a BBC documentary about 9/11 and the fates of the lucky and unlucky people, heroes and those who created problems in the towers. A very powerful stuff... :-(

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