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Vacuum bombs: Russia ahead of the U.S.

Thermobaric weapons - also called the vacuum bombs - are parachute-delivered. The explosion has two steps. In the first step, a huge cloud of fuel is spread over the enemy's territory. In the second step, the cloud is ignited.

The U.S. have had the mothers of all bombs (MOAB = Massive Ordnance Air Blast) - the M-theoretical bombs - for some time. They were used e.g. in Afghanistan. However, the Russian bomb that was tested yesterday, the father of all bombs - the F-theoretical bomb - is four times as powerful and creates twice as high temperatures. Its impact is comparable to a small nuclear bomb.

I don't know whether feminists will like it but the father bomb is stronger than the mother bomb, after all. ;-)

The Russian general in the video also explains that their new bomb is absolutely environmentally friendly and creates no pollution. It is also fully compatible with all international treaties. Because the bomb also whitens your teeth and is carbon-neutral (once you include the negative corrections from the destroyed enemies' fuel consumption), it can be safely used at any place of the Earth. ;-)

They seem rather excited about it! A missile defense system against their papa bombs could be helpful, too.

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