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Václav Havel on global warming

Václav Havel about climate change: The planet is not at risk. We are.

It sounds almost like Václav Klaus, doesn't it? ;-) However, before you make your conclusions, you should read his text in the International Herald Tribune.

Sorry for this irrelevant link. Many people confuse Klaus and Havel and Google search for Havel's opinions on global warming so I wanted to have the #1 hit. ;-)

If I understand him well, Havel argues that we shouldn't try to learn how much the human activity influences the climate or whether some policies are useful or not. Only materialistic technocrats such as Klaus quantify and think all the time which is wrong. Instead, we should assume that the discount rate has the opposite sign than the economists think and we should just make crazy things, assuring ourselves that they are wise. If we don't act, the planet will survive but mankind is going to either be exterminated or its last 2 millions of years of evolution will be undone. :-)

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If you're one of the Havel searchers mentioned above, you should be told that even though the former Czech president is an exceptional man, what you really want to read are not these insanities but rather the opinions of the current Czech president, Václav Klaus, who remains the most trustworthy Czech politician.

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Pages of many web site contains global warming pictures. But that pictures not give enough information of global warming. Global Warming myth is very deep ozone has doubled since the mid-19th century due to chemical emissions from vehicles, industrial processes and the burning of forests, the British climate researchers wrote.

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