Sunday, October 14, 2007

12 people becomes 13 people

Count the people on the picture. You should get 12. Wait for 12-13 seconds. The people will permute their organs. Count them again. You should get 13. Write the best answer to the question "Where did the 13th person come from?" to the fast comments. ;-)


Click the picture at the top for a colorful version of the same puzzle. On that page, you may also find an explanation.


  1. Left-hand most person does not move, top of head does not is not replaced.

    Back-row person does move entirely with the pice of the left-persons head.

    Not sure how to describe it all actually.

  2. one of the configurations has figures for whom both the bottom and top components of the display contribute to either their legs, torso, or head. in the other (higher count) configuration, each figure has contributions to legs, torso, or head from only one of the display components, leaving the remaining surplus available to produce an extra character.
    legs: far right
    torso: particularly tall fellow somewhat right of middle
    head: far left (as indicated by larrt)