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Al Gore's friends probably behind wildfires

The fire in San Bernandino has been officially declared arson and another fire was almost certainly arson, too. One suspect - a 27-year-old from Arizona - has been shot dead by the police and another one - John Hund (48) of Hesperia - was arrested.

Figure 1: FBI warning had included prospect of attack with flames. The person on the picture above is not necessarily the culprit.

Arnold announced a USD 50,000 reward for arsonist arrest: not so much in comparison with USD 1,000,000,000 of damages. I think that private detectives in Nashville, Tennessee can also win it. ;-)

Jack Cashill argues that eco-terrorists who fight against human imperialism are much more likely to be behind the acts than the Islamic ones. The Earth Liberation Front website says:

  • Did you know that Al Gore invented the Internet? Find out the truth about Al Gore invented the Internet - we have Al to thank for the World Wide Web. ...
  • Any individuals who committed arson or any other illegal acts under the ELF name are individuals who choose to do so under the banner of ELF and do so only driven by their personal conscience.

In other words, arsons are private business of the environmentalists and they will deny any collective efforts.

Tre Arrow, an eco-terrorist behind previous arsons, was just ordered back to Oregon. Eric McDavid was found guilty of arson conspiracy last month: he planned to blow up Sacramento's Nimbus Dam in 2006. The ELF was behind arson in San Diego, 2003.

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