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Climate news

Some critics of Al Gore's award:

Let us abolish the IPCC:

  • Vincent Gray, a fresh co-winner of the Nobel peace prize, proposes to abolish the IPCC because the whole process is a swindle
  • David Henderson: scientists are not in charge of the IPCC (Wall Street Journal)

Maestro has grave doubts about carbon trading:

  • Alan Greenspan thinks that the cap-and-trade carbon market either destroys the economy or won't work

About Osama's motivation:

  • Timothy Ball recommends to be skeptical about Kyoto because Osama bin Laden has correctly figured out that it could seriously hurt the West

Amazon shaman fights green colonialism:

  • Davi Kopenawa, a shaman, visits Britain and blames the anti-greenhouse religion for sickness, depression, suicide, obesity and drug addiction of the indigenous people


Eco-hypocrisy admitted:

Gore is jealous:

  • Britney, OJ, Paris get more media attention than global warming (count hits), a fact that drives the prophet up the wall

News from Marc Morano, thanks!

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