Tuesday, October 02, 2007

D0, CDF: no Higgs or supersymmetry yet

There have been lots of rumors. But yesterday, both D0 and CDF collaborations have submitted a proceedings paper about the status of the searches:
Searches for Higgs and SUSY at the Tevatron
and there is nothing. The CP-odd SUSY Higgs around 160 GeV suggested by CDF was annihilated by D0 and nothing else is seen.

I think we will have to wait for the LHC and the comments that the life of the Tevatron should be extended are not based on scientific arguments. Nevertheless, if you want to feel a 50% likelihood that a CP-odd supersymmetric Higgs boson between 150 and 160 GeV has been found by the Fermilab at 3+ sigma, see Tommaso Dorigo. Incidentally, the Italian journalists have determined that Prof Lisa Randall is a "body of the beast Che Guevara". ;-)

Gordon Kane et al. have submitted a paper about methods to find signatures to distinguish among classes of stringy vacua at the LHC. I wonder whether one of the notorious crackpots who say that string theory can't be tested has ever seen a real paper about particle physics.

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  1. Meanway, the numerologists have scored other two points toward the conjecture of hadronic (quark/diquark, lepton/meson) susy, by noticing that

    (pion-mu)^2 = electron (tau-mu)
    (eta-"mupion")^2 = tau (mu-el) = mu (tau-el)

    So it becomes a step more plausible that the octet is the spin 0 partner of the muon and neutrino, and that the symmetry is broken because of the need to accommodate another two SU(2) supermultiplets for the extant leptons and scalars. Note there are only 16 extant scalars, because the top quark has not mesons, and 5 times -5 decomposes in 24+1; we have already used eight of them in the octet.

    It could be a big surprise that at the end of the travel, the superstring is the [ChanPaton labeled] qcd string and susy is the answer to "who ordered these?".

    (In this scenary, the mechanism giving mass, or tension, to the string should relate to the Higgs itself, so that the hierarchy problem, if it resurfaces, can be controlled by assuming that the Higgs couples identically to elementary fermions and QCD strings.)