Tuesday, October 23, 2007

D0: new limits on fermionic superpartner masses

D0, a consensus of 500 scientists listed on the first two pages ;-), decided that inside 1.1 inverse femtobarn of data, there are no SUSY femions. At 95% confidence level, the lightest neutralino is above 125 GeV and the lightest chargino is above 229 GeV. As expected, the MSSM Higgs Conway bump around 160 GeV has disappeared, too, debunking not-too-careful rumors. Nevertheless, an introduction to MSSM and the Higgs is included in the article below.

CDF, the other detector team at Fermilab, has measured the width of the W boson as 2.032 GeV, in a good agreement with the Standard Model.

ILC, the International Linear Collider, has created a slick brochure (passport) promoting their future project:
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  1. To have narrow limits is always good news. I am not sure how relevant the decay width of W is; essentially it tell us about the value of Fermi constant, and thus the electroweak vacuum in the GWS-Higgs model.

    I wished to understand this decay in the framework of a theory of oriented non critical strings or some similar beast. It is entertaining to think of the W as the result of closing a charged pion string, and then the Z as the closing of a neutral one.