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Halloween: Mooney and Moonbat


Happy Halloween and enjoy the flash animation featuring Chris Mooney (the blue Gentleman who raises not only consciousness) and George Moonbat (the brown hybrid of a gremlin and a moon bat).

However, don't be too frightened: both characters are just ludicrous bugaboos and everything they ever show is plain fiction that can only scare little children. If you want to scare your friends a little bit more, you will have to create Forbes' mask of the anti-Christ. ;-)

Incidentally, Gore's grades at Harvard have placed him in the weakest 20% of students for two years in a row. This student who ate hamburgers and smoke marijuana in the Dunster House received a "D" in Natural Sciences 6 (Man's Place in Nature) and "C plus" in Natural Sciences 118. There were many other "C" grades, too. Yes, I talk about the guy who tries to teach others about man's place in Nature.

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