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Hermann Nicolai: Back to basics

Prof Hermann Nicolai wrote a two-page story for Nature:

Back to basics
He talks about the AdS/QCD correspondence. Subscription is unfortunately required so it might be hard for you to see the full article unless you want to pay USD 18. Nicolai's article is nice but you can save USD 8 if you pay USD 10 by to your humble correspondent, read my story about AdS/QCD, and keep the change. ;-)

Hat tip: David Goss

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reader Alejandro Rivero said...

By the way, probably you have already noticed that the comments I did in your previous thread (nicknamed leucipo!) have grown into one of my "preprint/footnotes" and a guest post at Dorigo's, have you?

At that time I was still thinking only in ways to control the Higgs, and hep-ph/0512065 does not address strings. Since then I noticed that there is a more of uniqueness in the theory if one also consider leptons and mesons; 0710.1526 is written to show it explicitly, in section 3. But having all the spin 0 -or fundamental state- mesons and diquarks in play, it is natural to think of them as stringy bosons, and to wonder if all the whole setup can be seen as a theory of open superstrings (hey, and a even more far-fetched conjecture then: the closed superstrings would relate to gauge bosons)

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