Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth: 23 minutes

Update: The full propaganda movie, An Inconvenient Truth, is now freely available. See these 9 parts per 10 minutes (the list is upside down) with Spanish subtitles.
Because Al Gore has become a prophet, this blog offers you 23 more minutes of An Inconvenient Truth, including Czech subtitles. ;-) In Czech, it is called "Nepříjemná pravda" (An Unpleasant Truth).

Part 1 - Part 5

In Part 1, Al Gore argues that American carmakers are unsuccessful in China because ... they can't meet the Chinese environmental standards. I kid you not. ;-) In real China, unconstrained pollution by anything and anywhere is the ultimate golden standard - see e.g. Chongqing Steel and Iron Factory - but for Al Gore, it is the unreachable example for the U.S.

I wonder whether he has ever heard that labor is cheaper in China - and in Germany where it is not cheaper, they produce popular powerful and less environmentally friendly cars such as BMW and Mercedes.

In Part 2, he shows those CO2 and temperature graphs and an elevator to predict or postdict that the increase of CO2 from 280 ppm to 380 ppm should have heated up the planet by roughly 8 Celsius degrees, i.e. the temperature difference between ice ages with 180 ppm and interglacials with 280 ppm (although he doesn't use numbers - too difficult concepts for a prophet). That's cute.

The only thing that this "argument" of Al Gore contradicts is the so-called reality. The warming that could perhaps be attributed to the man-made CO2 increase so far is about 0.6 Celsius degrees, not 8.0 degrees. Well, 0.6 and 8.0 probably look similar to Al Gore but they're not the same thing. The reason is well-known: CO2 doesn't significantly affect the climate and the graph actually shows the reverse influence of temperature on CO2 in the past. This influence has recently become unimportant because nowadays, CO2 is primarily driven by our activity rather than by temperature and outgassing.

At least, he tries to humiliate skeptics - something that always makes his retarded audiences happy.

In Part 3, he shows some decent animations of circulation of water in the oceans. He talks about some historical events involving the Great Canadian Lakes that has influenced the salinity circulation and brought Europe into a new ice age. That's very cool but his statement that this is expected in 10 years now is indeed pretty amusing. How will the ice age in Europe start? Well, instead of the water from the Great Canadian Lakes, he wants to use water from the Greenland ice sheets. That's very funny.

The difference between these two regions is that the water from the Great Canadian Lakes was ready to flow to the Atlantic while the Greenland ice sheet would have to melt first. It is not quite the same thing although I understand that a brain at the Gore level simply can't be enough to comprehend such things.

In Part 4, Gore tells us that a friend told him a prophecy back in 1978 that if ice melts on the Antarctic Peninsula, it is a signal from God that global warming has started. And indeed, the temperature increased exactly at the same peninsula where they were predicted to increase by Gore's fellow prophet in 1978! ;-) Antarctica in average has cooled down in the last 50 years, in contradiction with the global warming models, but that's the last thing that could diminish the power of Gore's revelation.

The story continues with some ice sheet that melted more rapidly than someone expected and misinformation about some evacuation. He famously predicts a six-meter sea level rise - either with the help of Antarctica or Greenland. Florida, San Francisco, Holland, Beijing, Shanghai, Calcutta, and Bangladesh are gone. You've heard about it.

In Part 5, he asks whether there is a disagreement about climate change among scientists. Not really, he incredibly says. He refers to crackpot Naomi Oreskes to support his rather extraordinary statement. There are zero papers that disagree with the global warming orthodoxy, he asserts. If he looked at peer-reviewed articles discussed on this blog only, he could find at least 50 recent counterexamples.

He also says that it's just like with the tobacco industry. Al Gore emotionally adds that alarmists are being prosecuted, humiliated, fired, and destroyed: they never get grants and other money. Wow. ;-) Attacks on the White House, Bush family, and ExxonMobil follow. Do costs of mitigation matter? No, because if we decide that costs matter, we won't have a planet. ;-) The last minutes show dozens of rules how you should behave environmentally. For example, you should pray that people will change. Also, you should recommend this movie to your friends. :-)

At any rate, I am flabbergasted how unbelievably stupid the people who buy this crap must be. If a teacher showed me something like that at school, presenting it as science, I would have become really aggressive. ;-)

And that's the memo.

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