Friday, October 12, 2007

IPCC and Al Gore win Nobel peace prize for climate porn

Fairbanks Daily New-Miner, Tuesday, October 16th, 2007 (thanks to Gerhard Kramm)

Friday, October 12th, 2007 is a day that has transformed the Nobel peace prize into a gigantic joke at least for one year. People who are co-responsible for one of the most serious sources of international tension and whose goal is to keep the third world in poverty and to clip the growth in the first world were identified as heroes of peace.

A self-invited institution of mediocre and politicized scientists together with a hypocritical semi-educated individual were awarded for their "dissemination" of climate porn. Previously, they have convinced loads of dopes that the Earth faced a "planetary emergency" and earned a lot of money with this hoax that has impressed the Nobel peace prize committee, too.

We are not the only ones who is surprised by the choice. See Czech president's reaction. Also, most readers express disdain for Mr Gore and the prize. Hollishillis created a documentary film to calm down her anger. ;-) Marlo Lewis criticized the award on CNN.

Gore and IPCC share the 2007 Nobel peace prize and they were able to join Yasser Arafat and other unlikely winners of this occassionally prestigious award. By the way, try to Google search for gore ipcc.

The video above explains why Al Gore has previously invented the Internet. Ellen Feiss exchanges her opinions with porn actor Will Ferrell and other Apple switchers but once the Norwegian royal family humiliates itself by giving the prize to the jerk in December, the Apple switchers in the ad may be replaced by the king and his kin, too.

In the original musical (lyrics), masturbation is led by Princeton. Nevertheless, the current climate masturbation is dominated by Columbia University. Finally, we may repeat the official White House reaction to the 2002 Iraqi presidential election:
"It is not a serious day, not a serious vote, and nobody places any credibility on it."
Saddam Hussein had to wait for four more years to be executed. We will see whether the former vice-president is faster.

And that's the memo.

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