Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mildly left-wing professor chastises conservatives

... and he is right!

Left-wing people are rarely right in politics. If they were right, they wouldn't be left. But this audio is a remarkable exception. A self-described mildly left-wing professor criticizes the British conservatives at their CPS Fringe Event and he is quite right.

What the British conservatives are doing in the context of climate change - such as the recently proposed plasma TV ban - is absolutely outrageous and it is very good that Philip Stott told them in his inimitable way.

Nigel Lawson, one of the brightest politicians in the U.K. history, speaks after Philip Stott.

Truck driver mostly beats Al Gore

Incidentally, while the leaders of the British conservative party lost their mind, the British judges still have some rational thinking left. Stewart Dimmock, a truck driver from the New Party, has sued the British education system because it wanted to indoctrinate children with Al Gore's propaganda movie.

What did the judge think about the case? This page reveals the verdict:
  • it is legal to show Al Gore's movie at schools
  • however, the teachers must make it clear that it is a political propaganda movie that only shows one side of the argument
  • if a teacher presents the movie without this important disclaimer, he or she will be prosecuted for political indoctrination according to section 406 of the Education Act 1996
  • the teachers must specifically correct eleven inaccuracies in the movie:

    1. the real reason for Kilimanjaro melting is reduced precipitation;
    2. the CO2 lags temperature;
    3. Katrina can't be blamed on global warming;
    4. Lake Chad didn't become dry because of global warming;
    5. only four polar bears drowned and it was due to storm, not warming;
    6. Gulf Stream cannot stop;
    7. disappearing coral species are not due to warming;
    8. Greenland won't melt for millenia;
    9. Antarctic ice is increasing;
    10. there won't be any migration in this century due to sea level rise (only 40 cm not 7 m);
    11. evacuation of Pacific islands because of warming is bogus, too.

Well, if the children are going to be taught all these things together with An Inconvenient Truth, I think that such an addition to their education could actually be helpful for the kids' scientific skills.

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