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NASA: Arctic melting due to winds

NASA experts have decided that the thinning of the Arctic sea ice in the last two years is due to unusual wind patterns. Note that their news release looks pretty serious and scientific: it doesn't contain the words "global warming" or "climate change" or "greenhouse". ;-) See the full paper.

Hat tip: Marc Morano and Brett Anderson

A fun video

Petr Mach has pointed out a video that you might find funny even if you don't speak Czech. Twelve years ago, we (members of various academic senates in Prague) were trying to kill the idea to create a "Faculty of humanities" of the Charles University because we were convinced that it would become a kingdom of various crazy individuals.

Our efforts turned out to be ineffective but our worries turned out to be right on the money. The department was created anyway and one of its scholars, Mr Ivan Rynda who is a "social environmentalist" who is also a member of the Green Party, tried to "debunk" Václav Klaus on TV. The content of his contribution makes Alexander Ač a genius in comparison. But would you agree that he is high on drugs? ;-)

He says he doesn't understand the climate but he is sure that we are causing global faults of the climate because we're breathing carbon dioxide and produce methane and only Václav Klaus doesn't get it. At the end, the staff cut Mr Rynda in the middle of a sentence and the TV host apologized that the interview ended up earlier than expected "because of understandable reasons". :-)

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