Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Welcome, Physics World

Physics World, the journal that recently printed Matthew Chalmers' excellent review of the status of string theory, Stringscape, managed to construct a relatively fair and entertaining introduction to this blog.

Let me only make a single correction: the musings about physics - more precisely landscape, string theory as a theory of gravity, phenomenology, philosophy of science, mathematics, experiments, cosmology and astrophysics - that you can find on this blog are often dedicated to the public. They are written for the same public whom people like Lee Smolin address their books. The only difference is that my intent is to enhance the knowledge of all of us, including the readers, while the goal of Lee Smolin is to drag them to the bottom of the sea. A translation for an even broader public: glub glub glub glub. :-)

Nevertheless, the two simple-minded paragraphs above that were written by a temporary linker-not-thinker are not worth a memo. ;-)

Concerning the PW cover: on Thursday, we will be celebrating the 50-year anniversary of Sputnik 1. In these good old times, leftist regimes were still able to circumvent the inevitable long-term dynamics and defeat capitalism in a few technological battles.

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