Thursday, November 01, 2007

Africa celebrates James Watson and Idang Alibi

Idang Aligi was hoping that his piece supporting James Watson's opinions about Africa would provoke lots of angry pseudo-intellectuals and touchy black patriots.
But he was disappointed.
Instead, he received about 100 phone calls and 400 text messages supporting his words. If you believe him, Africa is pretty much able to evaluate observations which is a pretty important prerequisite to become a mature nation and for many other things.

I wonder whether Europe and America will catch up with Africa in this respect.


  1. Vous semblez oublier une chose très importante Monsieur Alibi: la colonisation du continent africain
    par les blancs et son exploitation éhontée, puis une fois l'heure de la décolonisation ayant sonné, le remplacement des colons ( qui en fait ne sont jamais partis) par des "nègres bien blanchis" qui font la sale besogne à leur place et poour leur plus grand profit.

  2. Dear Daniel,

    the events you mention don't imply and can't imply whether Mr Watson or Mr Alibi are right. If they're right, it was kind of more natural that these things have happened even though there is nothing here that a white person should be proud about.

    At any rate, these things no longer happen today and the main question here is whether all failures should always be blamed upon these events.

    Alibi, Watson, and myself answer No.