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Amazon Kindle: an electronic book

People have been talking about electronic replacements for books for quite some time. But Amazon may be the first company to offer a viable realization of the idea: Amazon Kindle. It can't read PDF files and your right to read the e-books probably expire in a few years - and consumers give it 2.5 stars only - but a zeroth approximation for USD 400 is here. Click the picture to get to

Sorry, the "electronic paper" screen is black-and-white.

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reader Alejandro Rivero said...

Or you can get a 792x1024 screen of the same technology, plus wacom tablet, Xwindows, USB A and B connectors, CF and SD card support, ethernet and wifi. It is 600 euros, the iLiad.
And yes, it can read your PDFs, download your arxiv preprints, and pay gnuChess.