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Andrew Revkin asks James Hansen about holocaust

On his blog, Andrew Revkin from the New York Times discussed Hansen's description of coal-burning power plants as extermination camps.

Figure 1: Is global warming the new holocaust?

He reviews the very same formulations as we did. At the end of his text, Revkin reveals five questions that he has sent to Hansen:

  1. Do you care whether holocaust survivors are offended?
  2. Have you received complaints/support from any?
  3. Is such a metaphor necessary to change the people?
  4. Is it true that such analogies polarize and paralyze any discussion?
  5. Who is the actual victim of your holocaust?

It might be interesting - and probably shocking - to see Hansen's answers to Revkin's questions. I would expect something like that:

  1. They have no reason to be offended because Hitler was just a 150-pound gorilla while global warming is a 800-pound gorilla. So they should better shut up.
  2. I have received support from a nephew of a survivor. Concerning complaints, if those court jesters feel uncomfortable, maybe they should.
  3. Such a metaphor is not the only thing to change the people. I have already prepared much more accurate metaphors, more gruesome than all the previous ones.
  4. The only people who can have any problems with my metaphors are the deniers and these deniers should be convicted at Nuremberg-like trials anyway.
  5. The real victim of the holocaust is life on Earth and the rest of galaxy and the principles of socialism that the founding fathers fought for. Be afraid, be very afraid.
A poll: Among 15 issues, global warming is the least important issue for the U.S. Democratic voters. About 0.5 percent consider global warming to be the most important issue - roughly the same percentage as the issue of subsidies for beverages for the extraterrestrial aliens.

Hat tip: Marc Morano

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