Saturday, November 10, 2007

ClimateAudit and Bad Astronomy: a tie

Update: The number of votes for BA, CA were almost identical. The organizers decided to propose a tie and both BA, CA agreed.

Best science blog poll - link

I don't think that Bad Astronomy, the current silver medalist, is a worthless blog but still, it is too influenced by ideological preconceptions and it is arguably too superficial.

The Reference Frame that wasn't nominated votes for ClimateAudit that is almost 2,000 votes ahead of Bad Astronomy and thousands of votes ahead of Pharyngula, an anti-Christian blog occassionally dedicated to biology that was more successful a year ago. JunkScience will remain fourth. Other well-known and not-too-well-known blogs don't have a chance.

ClimateAudit is the front-runner now but it hasn't yet won.

You can also vote for whomever you want - one vote per computer and 24 hours. I endorse ClimateAudit because it is a very substantial blog that always tries to go deeply into its favorite topics and avoids ideology. If you think that the science blogosphere is dangerously influenced by a certain way of thinking and you consider, much like I do, ClimateAudit as a refreshing exception, try to convince other people to vote for ClimateAudit.

Most importantly, Steve McIntyre has achieved rather remarkable results in which his blog played an important role. The well-known co-debunker of the hockey stick has also found rather serious problems with the U.S. temperature record.

Steve McIntyre and his blog undoubtedly contribute to an increase of quality of climate science.

The polls end tonight, American time.

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