Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Craig Loehle: Medieval Warm Period is back

There have been many peer-reviewed or at least published skeptical climatological studies but I didn't have enough time to give you a report. In this weekly dose, C. Loehle in Energy and Environment, vol. 18, No. 7+8, 2007, takes the average of 18 stations: click at "Download file" on that page to receive a PDF file. Also, feel free to download the CSV file for Excel.

Figure 1: Temperatures in the last two millenia.

Craig Loehle has eliminated tree ring series from his datasets, explaining that they don't seem to be good temperature proxies. The result is a new kind of a hockey stick, the so-called zig-zag hockey stick. ;-) The new blade in the middle of the stick is called the Medieval Warm Period.

For an audit of Loehle's paper, see McIntyre I, McIntyre II.
See also: Loehle vs Schmidt, Loehle vs tree ring reconstructions

Also, in a soon-to-be-published article in Climate Dynamics, Matulla et al. show that storminess - high winds - hasn't changed in Europe during the 20th century. See World Climate Report for details.

Figure 2: P95 of geostrophic wind strength. For example, the heavy curve that goes back (much more than) 130 years is from Prague-Klementinum and two German-speaking stations.

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