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Geoengineering: a discussion

I am kind of interested what various readers think about geoengineering. Some of the questions are:

  1. If you had the tools to achieve anything you want, what would be your optimal temperature and the concentration of basic compounds such as CO2? Is it higher or lower than the present values? Why do you think it is optimal?
  2. How would you estimate the economic value of such an improvement? Describe your method and the result.
  3. Would you find it OK to significantly change the composition of the ocean, e.g. by adding a lot of iron?
  4. Would you find it OK to significantly change the composition of the atmosphere by sulphur oxides or particulate matter?
  5. In the context of cloud-seeding, if you could pre-program when it is cloudy, what would be your schedule? You don't have to think about cooling the planet only - but about your general comfort.
  6. If these global changes could be made much more rapidly than the changes that occur nowadays, or if someone installed some mirrors in space that could increase or decrease the amount of solar radiation, how would you regulate what is going on? What role would you assign to democracy or markets?

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