Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Great October Revolution: 90 years ago

Today, some people still celebrate the Great October Revolution.

Boom. Once the Bolsheviks heard the signal from Aurora, they started to storm government buildings and other important facilities.

The Great October Revolution wasn't exactly great. According to the new (Gregorian) system, it wasn't in October either. And finally, it wasn't a revolution but a dirty coup. Why did it happen? Well, the main reason is that the previous Russian democracy was very young, inexperienced, unstable, and wasn't built upon solid pillars by real heroes. A relatively small number of activists, the communists, was therefore able to overrun the whole country.

Communism transformed the country into a superpower - the leader of the world outside the first world - that could boast about certain achievements such as their space research. The same regime has led to tens of millions of murders and economic stagnation that prevented Russia to join the first world at least for 90 years. It brought fear and oppression not only to the Soviet Union but also many nations outside it.

Communism is no longer hot. The brand has lost its value. November 7th is no longer a holiday in Russia. Unless you read TRF, you can't see any fireworks. Does it mean that the people with similar methods, values, and goals no longer exist? Well, as all of us know, it doesn't. The main color that is currently able to mobilize masses, free to propagate and to develop its plans to control the whole society - because it has almost no effective adversaries - is not red or brown. It is green. Colors sometimes change but the true essence of human psychology remains pretty much fixed.

And that's the memo.

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