Saturday, November 10, 2007

IQ: Slovakia beats Czechia again

Czech TV Nova and Slovak TV Markíza were just broadcasting the second annual Czecho-Slovak knowledge contest, ČR-SR, the Test of the Nation. In this show, TV audiences and hundreds of representatives in the TV building had to answer 50 questions from various fields, using the a/b/c/d template.

Your humble correspondent sent them his answers as SMS messages - and the answer was "50 answers were right, the grade is 1*". They translated 50 correct answers as "knowledge IQ = 155". ;-) The best internet user, Mr Josef Šedivý of Podlesí (CZ), had knowledge IQ = 153. They called him not me - I didn't know that the SMS messages were so inferior!

The most educated occupations that participated in the contest were
  1. celebrities
  2. journalists
  3. firefighters
  4. mayors
  5. cheerleaders / majorettes
  6. gym instructors
  7. garbage collectors

Men with knowledge IQ at 117 beat women with knowledge IQ at 115. But more importantly, Slovakia at 119 has defeated Czechia at 115 once again, by the same four points as one year ago! ;-)

Let's hope that Alexander Ač's self-confidence will be at least renormalizable. :-)

If I wanted to offer an excuse, I would guess that Slovaks know Czech culture, geography, and history more than Czechs know Slovak culture, geography, and history simply because the Czech facts are more important than their Slovak counterparts while the distribution of characteristically Czech and characteristically Slovak questions was 50:50! ;-) But this hypothesis could be falsified if detailed answers in different disciplines were investigated.

The pure g-factor IQ in Czechia is systematically higher than in Slovakia by 1 point, 97-98-102 vs 96-97-101 according to three different datasets. The U.S. have 98-98-97 according to these datasets. It's a well-known story that men are 3.6 points above women.

The best individual in the TV building was a Czech male firefighter! Among the celebrities, two Slovak women, Miriam Kalisová (147) and Marta Sládečková (145), were ahead of Tomáš Dvořák (143), the Czech male decathlon superchampion. If Kalisová, the Slovak news babe, only had 4 incorrect answers, I am really impressed.

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