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Kentucky, climate, and intimidation

If you want to see how intimidation by the climate change movement looks like, look at this story. There are hundreds of such stories every day but we have to pick an example. A Kentucky legislative committee had a hearing dedicated to climate change on Wednesday:

The Courier Journal
Jim Booch (DEM) was a co-chair of the committee and one of the guests, Lord Monckton, said a few very decent things - about Al Gore and others - that were however not great enough for the champions of the climate change catastrophe.

Jim Booch himself said that he had supported "their vice-president" nevertheless. He is also a "tree lover although not necessarily tree hugger" and wins most of the political battles for Democrats. Nevertheless, by having been a co-chair of an ideologically imperfect hearing, he has become a heretic anyway.

Two days later,
Lexington Herald Leader
ran a story asking whether Jim Booch should resign. To help the case, the journalist mentioned that USD 11,750 of donations during Booch's career could be linked to coal. Now, that's a lot of money, indeed - about 0.01% of what Al Gore has earned with his fraudulent theater and derived activities. Now, 0.01% doesn't seem as too much but when we talk about a heretic, the rules of mathematics change...

The talk about a resignation is of course absurd but you know that the power of the media is very large. Tens of thousands of people have surely begun to debate a fabricated question of his possible resignation. And when something is debated, it is gradually becoming a "reality" anyway.

The champions of the fight against climate change have high ideological standards, indeed. People must be 100% clean. A famous German political party in the 1930s allowed their new leader to be 1/4-Jewish. I am not sure whether this degree of tolerance could be found in the contemporary global warming movement. Jim Booch is untolerable for some people because he has been seen a few meters from Lord Monckton. Imagine what would happen if he were a cousin or a grandson of Lord Monckton! ;-)

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