Thursday, November 08, 2007

Males cause global warming

Feminism gets unified with the global warming theory

Nude Socialist informs us that the Swedish ministry of sustainable development led by Gerd Johnsson-Latham has determined that global warming is mostly man-made and not so much woman-made.

A survey has shown that three quarters of Swedish drivers are male. The top 10 percent of drivers generate 60 percent of car emissions.

The additional Y chromosome thus triples car CO2 emissions. There exists another piece of evidence that women's lives are more clean: they spend 20 times as much as men on hygiene products. More generally, they spend 4 times as much as men on consumer goods.

You can also see the same thing on the symbols of both sexes:

Figure 1: the old logos prove that the two sexes are created equal, especially the women

Females (left), much likes eggs, sit still, while males (right), much like sperms, are little drivers who drive around and emit dangerous CO2 emissions.

The United Nations and all environmentally conscious nations in the world should promote clean technologies. In the hospitals all over the world, they should only give birth to girls and not boys who could move both the mankind and womankind closer to a cataclysm.

Mrs Kyoto protocols

It has been calculated by the leading international climate experts that if the gender composition of the society is improved from 50(f):50(m) to 90(f):10(m), the CO2 car emissions will drop to 60 percent of the present values. If the figure 90 increases to 100, we will be at 50 percent of present emissions - a huge progress.


The Polish ministry of sustainable development has created a documentary called "Sexmission" (IMDB, trailer) that shows how this ideal state of affairs should be achieved.

The freely available parts of the documentary explain several basic points:
I have always liked the movie. It is very entertaining. If you don't know, it is a Polish 1984 science-fiction cult movie about the future purely female, feminist totalitarian society living under the ground in a post-nuclear-war world. Two men are previously hibernated (before the war, in the first hibernation experiment) and wake up in that future society.

They eventually manage to convince the beautiful Lamia in the last clip that the feminist world is bad and teach them some old fashioned methods. :-) They liberate it and restore boy production in the children-producing factories. But when they escape from the underground, it turns out that life didn't end on the surface and many people were living decent lives while the most prominent woman was not really female. (See 40 extra minutes in Czech dubbing.)

The movie was a subtle criticism of communism but it was allowed in post-Solidarnosc Poland, except for three "anti-Soviet" minutes that had to be cut.

While the movie is a great comedy, I also realized at Harvard that it is actually very realistic. For example, the third clip among the five clips in the list above is virtually identical to the Harvard FAS faculty meetings during the Summers controversy.

The Swedish ministry adds one more reason to think that the movie may be more than just a pure fantasy.

Hat tip for the link to NS: Marc Morano

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