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Matory's disgraceful demagogy

The Harvard Crimson rightfully criticizes Lorand Matory's attempts to discredit friends of Israel as "enemies of free speech".

I find comments about free speech from a person such as Mr. Matory absolutely incredible. In 2005, Mr. Matory was the author of a truly disgusting "lack of confidence vote" against President Summers that was primarily justified by Lawrence Summers's polite and cautious remarks about the basic relationships between gender and innate aptitudes.

This guy, Mr. Matory, clearly thinks that free speech is something so intolerable that even the brilliant president of the world's most famous university must be eliminated when he dares to speak - or even ask - about things that every sane person knows anyway.

I have had huge personal problems with the voodoo expert myself. In 2005, after I criticized his resolution, he has harrassed all officials in the hierarchy above me behind the scenes and forced them to create problems for me. If you realize that all Harvard officials with a possible exception of Summers were (and are) cowards, you may guess what the result was.

Today, Mr. Matory, a fanatical anti-Semitic bigot, a freedom-hater, and the closest thing to Adolf Hitler that Harvard can offer, wants the FAS to "reaffirm its commitment to free speech and tolerance of minority views" which really means to "transform Harvard into loud headquarters of the world's anti-Israel movement".

Thankfully, the FAS has at least tabled the resolution. But until mechanisms will work not to allow crap like Mr. Matory to penetrate into influential places, similar ideological contamination of the Academia and the society and immoral ploys are guaranteed to continue.

And that's the memo.

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