Friday, November 02, 2007

Milan Baroš: 271 km/h

Athletes are often talented in many sports.

Milan Baroš, a Czech soccer player who plays in Lyon, France, managed to drive at 271 km/h on a French freeway limited at 130 km/h. The previous record in that region was set by a motorbiker in 2000, just 248 km/h.

The French cops have no understanding for good performance. They suspended his driving license for three years and took his USD 5 million car.

Too bad that it was Ferrari. If it were a different brand, such as a Mercedes, Milan Baroš could grab the empty spot after Fernando Alonso in McLaren. :-)

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  1. Have you read the Wired story on the guy who made it from New York to Santa Monica in 30 hours, averaging 90 mpg for the trip (with bursts of course hitting better than 130 mph). Not 271 km/h, but keeping 90 mph for 30 hours is an achievement...