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Most Germans are Celts

The Google News are now available in Czech:

Czech Google News
I am convinced that Google News are better than any individual source of news. And there are many special news in the Czech edition, too.

For example, we learn that Patrick Moore, a co-father of Greenpeace, met with President Klaus to support nuclear energy, industrial consumption of wood, genetically modified crops, chemical compounds protecting people against fires, industrial production of salmons, and our fight against the global warming religion.

This is how a true environmentalist should look like. The present generation should treat Patrick Moore as their role model. Incidentally, Patrick Moore was immensely influenced - and led to the green movement - by a Czech scientist and politician named Mr Vladimír Krajina (1905-1993) who emigrated to Canada in 1948. If you care, the word "Krajina" means "landscape". ;-)

Germans are mostly Celts

According to a DNA analysis of 19,457 people made by Igenea, Zurich-based genetics corporation, only 6 percent of German males have inherited Germanic genes from their fathers (including the Y chromosome). German women are way more Germanic: about 50 percent of the German people have inherited Germanic genes from their mothers. The inflow of non-Germanic male genes is explained by premature deaths of German men during wars when they had to be replaced by newcomers. ;-)

Equally importantly, 45 percent of Germans have Celtic roots while 10 percent of Germans have Jewish ancestors. I am afraid that if Nazi Germany had won the war, this research would have to be classified and its authors executed. :-)

This DNA chaos has affected other European nations, too. According to Genomac, a Czech company, only 50 percent of genes of the Czechs who live today are Slavic. About one quarter of the Czechs come from Romanic countries and 10 percent of us may boast Germanic or Scandinavian origin. Most likely, Celtic roots are also heavily represented even though Genomac surprisingly didn't include Celts as a basis vector at all.

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snail feedback (19) :

reader Anonymous said...

This is going to sound naive, because I know very little about science and biology (I find both subjects dry and boring), but I always thought there was something weird whenever people thought my father, who is German, looked too much like several celebrities of Celtic origin. I actually suspected a strong celtic background for most Germans before even reading this.

reader Anonymous said...

Which Celtic celebrities??? If you intend Asterix and Obelix, remember that it is only a cartoon. Real images of Celtic leaders don't exist!!!

By the way,


a German

PS: In my opinion Igenea spreads pseudo-scientific crap!
They only want to provoke and to make publicity for their expensive tests!!

And then there's ridiculous claim, that the Swiss themselves (and “IGENEA” is from Switzerland) mostly derive not only from Celts, but also a lot from >>WIKINGS<<… LONG TIME THAT I LAUGHED SO MUCH!!! Probably they've just confused the experiments! :D
This folk from the Alps might only stir the Germans up - and, “by the way” rip people off with their genetic tests.

reader Unknown said...

The results of the Igenea test are obviously fake,biased or erroneous.The Germans are anciently of the same Germanic stock as the Dutch,Flemish,Austrians,Liechtensteiners,Luxemburgers,Scandinavians and yes ,even the German Swiss.Their genes could not have been mixed with Celtic ones because Celtic blood was already disappearing by intermingling with Romans and other races like the Gauls of Gaul and Anatolia(Gallo- Romans etc.)and the truth is closer to the opposite,which is that Celtic(and others) peoples were getting more Germanic blood because of the great migrations of the Germanic tribes.Germanics were flourishing while Celtic blood and cuture survived only in Brittany and small parts of the British Isles.Proof of the Germans ''pure'' Germanic blood and genes is favoured is that the last bastion of Celts, Britain was invaded by Germanic tribes from Northern Germany and Scandinavia and Celtic blood was not favoured but the Germanic one was so most people in Britain probably now have more Germanic blood than Celtic blood.So it is preposterous to state that the continental Germanics who did no major intermingling with Celts and that what have been impossible anyways because the Celts were a dead people by the end of the Antiquity and if the continental Germans had more Celtic blood than Germanic blood ,historians and philologist would say that the Germans were Celts but that spoke a Germanic language,which they do not say.Either way,if the Germans had more more Celtic blood than Germanic blood then the continental Celts would have had to invade Germanic tribes before Caesar's victory over them in a big invasion with massive intermingling,which in any case has never happened.It is more like the opposite and the Germanic tribes were invading and spreading their genes.So the question should really be how much Germanic blood do we have? So since no peoples have spread different genes in sufficient numbers among the Germans,they remain to this day predominantly Germanic.The lie that Czech people have 10 percent Nordic blood is a racist idea among Slavs who before were victims of racism and are now openly practicing it with their own Nazis which makes no sense since they are considered Untermenschen in Nazi ideology.Many past tests have been conducted on German genes and all of them point to Germanic blood and not Celtic,which is absurd.And the fact that 10 percent of Germans have Jewish ancestry is an absurd lie as strict Nazi racial ancestry tests show.The Jews married between themselves and did not intermingle much.In some way,that is called being jealous or angry at the German race by stating this lie just like people who state that Hitler is a Jew without any justification just because they don't like him without any historical reference which clearly states him as being christian anyways...

reader Anonymous said...

Adrian sounds like quite the little racist Nazi. Hitler was nothing more than a poor PATHETIC excuse for a human being. So what if 10% of Germans have Jewish blood in them.

reader Unknown said...

Pointing out differences to lower one or another's race is wrong, to move on they must be examined with utmost objectivity.

We're all human and 99.9999% alike, in the end. Cue the Beatles.

reader Anonymous said...


Perhaps you should take your own advice. Why would it bother you if it says that Germans have 10% Jewish blood in them? If you aren't as racist as your comment you would not have given an example using the PATHETIC Hitler and his stupid and mindless race rules.

reader Unknown said...

Response to Adrien

A student of European anthropology obviously you're not."The Gauls of Gaul" I'm sorry to point to u were Celts...as for the "Last bastion of the Celts"(the so-called "British Isles") being out-bred by Gemanic tribes..at least u've got a sense of humour, even though u don't get the punchline!

reader Julius said...

Language or blood? The two are different.

It seems only natural that Germans should be partly of "Celtic" stock. Of course, maritime north Germany is part of the Germanic homeland and has much in common with southern Scandinavia, but further south you get to an area that was inhabited by the La Tene culture long before the Germanic migration. Just because the German-speakers came in as a ruling class and brought a northern language doesn't mean the people were entirely uprooted. Yes, there was cultural friction, but in the pre-modern mindset family, land, and money mattered much more than ideas of race and nation (which were very different back then). Germanic warriors were much more concerned with fighting off local aristocracy than killing peasants who could farm for them anyway. This says nothing bad about Germany. Instead, it shows that Germany has a rich cultural history that is too complex to fit into one pedigree.

Ultimately, these arguments don't say much. Language, folklore and music are much more important than DNA in terms of the way a culture defines itself. Germans speak a Germanic language, despite being descended from a number of tribes, Czechs speak a Slavic language, despite being partly descended from people who lived in those hills and valleys long before the Slavs showed up. Folklore is more particular, and is limited by landscape and language. DNA, too, is a product of landscape. Folkways, language and landscape preserve peoples. DNA ultimately says very little about how a people defines itself. Knowledge of DNA meant nothing two hundred years ago when Pan-Germanism and Pan-Slavism were at their height.

reader Miguel said...

The "10% Jewish ancestry" comes from the influx of neolithic peoples from Balkan Europe / Anatolia after the ice age. Those genes are not Jewish-specific, they are middle-eastern, and existed before there was even a Jewish religion or people...

reader Tina said...

There is NO SUCH thing as a "Jewish DNA" Jews are a religious group and not a race, anyone can be Jewish, even a black and Chinese person.

This clearly proves that IGENEA haven't done a good job on their studies.

Kosovo is the only country to not have been tested.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Don't be silly, Tina. The word "Jewish" has two meanings and both of them are damn real. One of them is religious, the other is ethnic. In Czechs, we even distinguish them by writing ethnic Jewish with a capital Ž, Žid, and religious Jewish as žid.

Ethnic Jews have several very different subgroups but the ethnic Jewish ancestors referred in that research are Ashkenazi Jews, I guess.

reader Tina said...

Jews are not a race but a religion, otherwise we can also consider Muslims and Christians as a race, which would be silly.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear Tina,

Muslims are not a nation and Christians are not a nation but Jews *are* a nation. Incidentally, it's a nation that also has its own nation state, it's called Israel, and its main language, it's called Hebrew.

A truck is not a tree but that doesn't mean that an oak isn't a tree. Different objects, entities, and words have different properties. Please return to the kindergarten if you have trouble with these basic facts about the real world.


reader Tina said...

That's weird because Arabs are a race and Muslim.

So a black person can be Jewish but have no link to isreali

reader Tina said...

The only person that needs to go back to kindergarten is you.

If a Jew read your comment he or she would laugh at your stupidness.

reader David the Hobbit Linguist said...

by Jewish DNA, I'm assuming what is meant is "Semitic"...and yes, there ARE certain genetic tags for Jewish ancestry.

reader Kefka said...

Germans are goodie-goodie, mentally numb, unthinking, uncreative, unsarcasric and lifeless wankers. That's definitely a Germanic characteristic. They are basically brainless zombies going for slaughter or brainless sheep going to the kill factory of meat production. They are submissive, empty and emotionless. They lack energy. They have some sort of intelligence on high levels but it's not verbal. It's more scientific.

Celts are foul-mouthed, dominating, fierce, powerful, overly insulting, verbally intelligent, creative at verbal communication. You can't beat them. They know how to beat faggots. Britain has Celtic culture. The whole insulting critics of free though Britain has is because of Celtic mentality. They curse on the stupidity of the total loser all day especially the high level of stupidity coming from Serbians, Greeks, Middle Eastern and so. Hell they even CURSE their own Americanized fellow who adopted swag and shit.

reader APO said...

I was raised and educated during Hitler's reign in Germany. We learned in school and at home, that we were Celtic people and our ancestor were the Celts. We were taught about the Celtic influences that were all around us. We had many markers that the Celts left behind in the area where I grew up.. Hitler did make sure that our schools taught this. I like to know who to hell educated you. You surmise to much, your premiss is false. If Hitler had won the war, you would be doing the goosestep now.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear APO, if the accusation is that I was conspiring with Hitler or learned from him, let me mention my alibi: I was born 3 decades after the death of himself and his whole regime.

Seriously, this blog post had nothing whatever with your troubled childhood or my racial classification within a hypothetical post-Hitler-win Europe. It was about a particular 2007 molecular genetics research by Igenea, a Swiss company. Such research - focusing on a molecule called DNA, discovered 8 years after the death of Hitler, may agree or disagree with some vague things you were taught as a child.

Your Hitlerite approach to science and rational discussions is so hopeless that I instantly banned you.

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