Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sheldon Glashow: five minutes of video

You may watch four one-minute clips with Sheldon Glashow so that this co-father of the electroweak theory doesn't feel discriminated against: ;-)
  1. The unification of the large and the small
  2. The origin of the Universe
  3. The four forces of Nature
  4. Early work on unified theory
Alternative place to find the videos: Honeywellscience. On December 5th, 24:00 EST, right after Glashow's 75th birthday, there will be 90-minute-long videopodcast at
In the four videos above, you will probably not learn too much but there is a story in the last part. Julian Schwinger told Glashow, one of ten annoying students who wanted projects, to go and construct a unified electroweak theory. At the end, Glashow needed a help from his high-school buddy.

powered by ODEO Audio 1: Glashow describes the LHC as a possible end of particle physics. ;-) But he hopes for the best possible outcome: absolute confusion.

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