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A theory of everything triples traffic

A. Garrett Lisi doesn't know why bosons can't be added with fermions and why spinors can't be added with scalars and vectors, among many other things. But he has made it. ;-)

The term "a theory of everything" in the title together with a bunch of unusually stupid journalists is enough to do so.

A female surfer was picked instead of AGL to enforce affirmative action.

The Telegraph, The Ottawa Citizen, and other outlets have made this crackpot so famous that even humble blogs such as this one have seen their traffic triple yesterday as a consequence. On Thursday, TRF had over 9,000 unique visitors and on Friday over 14,000 unique visitors. Everyone is thrilled with the "E8 theory of everything". Well, people are rather excitable. ;-)

Good for them. Bad for the wisdom of the society.

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snail feedback (6) :

reader Levi Self said...

You should probably blame reddit. I didn't read a theory of everything, but have subscribed here, so yippee for you!

reader Alpay Erturkmen said...

This is called the Slashdot effect and has nothing to do with quantum physics.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Both of you are partly correct ;-) and others would be, too. The traffic goes from direct Google searches for Garrett Lisi, his paper's title, from Digg, Reddit, Slashdot discussion, Not Even Woit, Wikipedia, and many other blogs, discussion forums, and sources.

reader GeorgeL said...

Dear Lubos,

I would imagine that Lisi is working on specific predictions of as-yet-undiscovered particles, as we write these words. Lisi has already stated that these predictions will be either proven right or else his theory will fail spectacularly. To me, this sounds a lot more like science than string theory, which makes a lot of noise and occupies much valuable mindspace, yet offers few (if any) testable predictions.

Will you apologise to Lisi for the unscientific insults you have levelled upon him, if next year the LHC validates the particle predictions he is about to make?

reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear George, Lisi doesn't have any predictions for the LHC, so whether I answer Yes or No to your question is absolutely inconsequential. I can answer Yes to make you happier. Best, Lubos

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