Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bin Laden talks again

Part I (5:21)
Part II (6:15)
English subtitles are included. The videos were posted by no one else than an Islamist nutcase. These Sirs are slowly switching to YouTube, an invention of capitalist infidels. ;-) The message is encouraging. Much like his previous video in which Prof bin Laden endorsed Prof Chomsky, his comments are virtually identical to the comments about the war by or except that bin Laden is much more peaceful than they are.

There is no indication that he is capable to do anything. Moreover, he seems to surrender in Iraq because he treats Iraq in a similar way as Israel. Both countries are painted as targets of his holy anger and Israel is supposed to be wiped away off the map. But it is not explained what the methods to realize his dreams could be, except for unsophisticated and weakening murder procedures that they were showing the world for several years.

He assures those who fight for freedom that they will be unhappy even if they win while Osama's side has nothing to lose, except for chains. This slogan shows Osama's conversion to a Marxist notion of class struggle. Again, he wants to take credit for the collapse of the Soviet Union. Also, no one will prevent them from dying an honorable death. Well, he seems to be right. For example, your humble correspondent will certainly not prevent them to do so and I hope it will be not only an honorable but also a speedy one! :-) Osama's speech is full of moralist and pacifist clichés. He also accuses America of plans to steal the Iraqi oil, nothing new for people who have listened to leftists for years.

Sadly, Benazir Bhutto had to sacrifice her life because of some of those fanatics who were still anomalously alive. My main interaction with her was that I received a book about her because my photograph of the Radcliffe Institute where she studied was used in it. See the story.

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