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Blonde American geography

Kellie Pickler may win 25,000 dollars for a charity but there is a big hurdle on her way. Budapest is the capital of what European country?

Buddha's - Booduh Pest? I've never heard of that. I thought that Europe was a country, one that speaks French! OK, so I would think that Budapest might be in France except that France is not a country. What, hungry is a country? I've heard of turkey but hungry? :-)

I listen what you're saying but I only hear what I want to, Kellie clarifies. That's what being a woman means. (PC cows start to boo.) Kellie thinks that the show could be called "Are you smarter than a man?" because she surely is, she thinks. :-) Because the host can't pronounce "Hungary" either, she might be right. And women don't want to hear men's opinion but just their opinion in a deeper voice, Jeff Foxworthy explains. :-)

Incidentally, the Czech edition of this contest ("Are you smarter a 5th grader?") has been aired on Czech TV, too (jingle). I found it very funny. Just like Nathan, the kids are smarter than the contestants - I suppose it is partly by design to make the show funny.

Before the French or Hungarian readers start to complain how stupid Americans are, they should watch a French lesson about the Solar System.

Hat tip: Rae Ann

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