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Consensus buster: a senate report

More than 400 scientists oppose the so-called consensus about climate change. Details of their statements, results, and links have been collected by James Inhofe's office.

Report: intro
Report: full text
Andrew Revkin, The New York Times: moderate, includes a discussion
Pielke's reply to Revkin
DeSmogBlog: a Littlemore than a piece of extremist hateful shit
Grist's Andrew Dessler: consensus, oh holy consensus
Investor's Business Daily: skeptics
UPI, FoxNews
The Telegraph
Boston Herald, Herald Sun
News Max
World Net Daily I, II, III
Javno: Croatia confirms Inhofe's report
Rev Al Gore: it's a rotten apple: 7% of the scientists may have been received nickels from ExxonMobil, Devil's Corporation
News ... Busters
Google search
Thanks, Marc Morano.

Update: Ivo Vegter has independently created a similar picture called Gorebusters. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

As soon as a few more alarmists are caught, the ending will be approaching: look how the manbearpig jumps back and forth.

Chris Horner beats David Roberts and Alan Colmes in a discussion about the report. Mine is bigger than yours, Horner told Colmes, talking about the lists of scientists who actually endorsed something, and Colmes had to agree that Horner's is impressive.

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