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Google sets

Imagine that you know a few elements of a set and you want to find the remaining elements. Impossible?

Google sets helps you
For example, try January & February to get the remaining ten items. ;-) Or try Leden & Duben to get the Czech names of the months.

Or enter Edward Witten & David Gross to the first two windows and you get a pretty decent list. Or try Quantum Field Theory & General Relativity. You get various other concepts including their unification. Or Cosmic Variance & Musings.

Try Type I & Type IIA. Among a few low-brow entries, you also get heterotic E8 x E8 and heterotic SO(32) string theories (in Japanese). ;-)

The difference from Alexander Wissner-Gross' Wikiosity is that you may enter several items.

Thanks to: A European guy

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snail feedback (1) :

reader Robert said...

gross and witten alone give quite a different list...

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