Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bike speedometer: 20,000 km

A cold January is not the most likely month for such "anniversaries" but statistics happens:

I bought the BC 500 speedometer in Summer 1995 or so and it has measured kilometers on two continents. If I were riding my bike along a geodesic instead of those small gravitational quantum loops, I could have arrived to the antipole of Pilsen (1000 miles Southeast from New Zealand). But the puzzle is: what will happen with the number above after another kilometer? It will either
  1. display 20,000 even though the space for the digit "2" seems somewhat constrained
  2. display 19,999: it will be stuck
  3. display 0
  4. display 0,000
  5. display "Error", "infinity", or another special message
  6. something else

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