Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brian Cox and Leonard Susskind on String Theory & Supreme Master TV

Part II: Extra Dimensions (and Susskind's DNA/compactification landscape analogy)
Our Universe Among Others I, II, III (22+24+19 minutes with Susskind; subtitles in 12 languages, saving of our planet by becoming a vegetarian, spirituality, and God's direct contact to An Inconvenient Truth is included in the Supreme Master Television's powerful package) :-)
Brian Cox channel

Well, I think that Brian Cox clearly doesn't get certain elementary subtleties and the spiritual agenda of the Supreme Master TV program (owned by Ching Hai, an apparent god whom I've never heard about) is more entertaining than insightful but I think that all the programs are pretty catchy and pleasing and whenever they talk about science itself, it makes sense.


  1. Brian Cox doesn't look too smart in this conversation :)

    As for Sussind, he mentioned that proton and neutron have string-like properties - like you can stretch a proton, or spin it.. Can you point out where I can find more on that?

    Also, I don't really like Susskind's DNA analogy - obviously, we've got our DNAs as a result of evolution, mechanics of which is well understood. But there is no evidence that the Universe is going through some sort of evolutionary process (..or there is?)


  2. Dear Andrew,

    I agree concerning Cox. In this conversation, he plays an equivalent role to the female journalistic dolls who just sit, listen, and smile - and are added for the visual balance only. ;-)

    Susskind only meant that protons and neutrons, like strings, have an internal structure: they are composed of quarks and gluons. The modern theory that describes why it is so and how it is exactly so is called Quantum Chromodynamics.

    I don't know at what level you want to learn it. But I surely don't need to give you external sources just for the statement that protons and neutrons are composed of quarks, do I? Please Google it if you've never heard of quarks.

    Best wishes