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Ewa Farna: Ticho

A semi-regular dose of Czech music is here.

Ewa Farna (*1993) was born in Třinec and lives in a nearby village. About 1/6 of the people in Třinec, located in Northeastern Czechia, are Polish and she is one of them. She sings both in Czech and Polish.

It is being said that she composed the song "Ticho" (Silence) herself which is pretty impressive if true: she would be almost as good a musician as Mike Huckabee. Incidentally, there is a lot of silence in the song - about 120 dB of silence. ;-) At school, her favorite subject is mathematics but her least favorite subject is physics.

Měls mě vůbec rád (Did you love me at all?) remains her most famous song. This song exists in many languages, for example Spanish, English, Polish, Spanish II, Portuguese, Japanese.

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