Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ilulissat glacier: global warming started 269 years ago

Click to zoom in.

Note that the retreat of ice in Ilulissat, Greenland (satellite) has been pretty much uniform and monotonic and began at least 165 years before Henry Ford established his company.

Thanks to iLoveMyCarbonDioxide.COM.


  1. It's odd that no one thought to ask Al Gore the question "when did the glacier start melting". I wonder why?

    It appears that the glacier started melting right after the end of the last mini-ice age. Strange :-)

  2. Werna, I don't believe in volcanic hypothesis of Antarctic ice melting by the same way, like you. From your map it's evident, the glaciers are melting in contact with ocean predominantly. But the volcanic hypothesis can be used for explanation of isolated glaciers melting, like the Ilulissat one.

    It should be pointed out, from global warming perspective isn't relevant, whether the glaciers are melting with the increased speed, or just subliming (at higher altitudes) - the origin is supposedly the same in both cases: unbalanced heat flux equilibrium.