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India: three meters of snow

Cold wave intensified and ten feet of snow have killed soldiers etc. in India, bringing the toll to 137.

New Kerala
To avoid similar problems, the Indians should sell the remaining stocks and pay a few trillion dollars to cool the whole planet by 0.001 °C and please the God of climate change. ;-)

A new crisis: disappearing dirt rivals global warming as an environmental threat

At least
Seattle Post Intelligencer
says so. The effect used to be called erosion and it has been fought against for decades but now it has become a new result of cutting-edge science because urban-based journalists have no idea about the actual environment.

In this case, it seems easier, more meaningful, and cheaper to please Gaia. You don't need to stop using fossil fuels. Just switch to "no-till farming" that used to be called "chemical farming" but the adjective "chemical" recently became politically incorrect because it masks the opinion that chemical farming is more "natural" than the till farming. ;-)

Farmers have been doing it for decades, anyway. It is them who should know what is good for their business, isn't it? I guess that this problem won't be covered in the media because it is not interesting for urban politics.

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