Friday, January 25, 2008

L' équation Bogdanov

Le secret de l'origine de l'Univers?

(The Bogdanov Equation: the Secret of the Origin of the Universe?)

Presses de la renaissance,
240 pages, 140 x 225 mm,
ISBN-10: 2750903866,
ISBN-13: 978-2-7509-0386-2

Click the picture to buy it for EUR 19, passwords from probably work

Table of contents (why you should learn French)

About the author
Preface by Clovis de Matos, ESA

1. The great mystery of the origin
  • Towards the Big Bang
  • The mystery of the zero point

2. A brief history of physics

  • Is there a center somewhere?
  • The apple and the Moon
  • Heat, entropy, information
  • Information theory
  • Liquids and fields
  • Relativity and quantum mechanics
  • Wave mechanics
  • The uncertainty principle
  • Relativity
  • General relativity
  • Black holes and expansion
  • Putting fields and quanta together

3. The last dream of Einstein
  • Quantum gravity: a modern puzzle par excellence
  • Gravitational singularities
  • Quantum gravity: open questions

4. Strings and membranes at the Planck scale

  • What to do?
  • Problems with the "atoms of space"
  • Additional problems
  • Black hole entropy
  • All roads lead to string theory
  • The birth of string theory
  • The first superstring revolution
  • The second superstring revolution
  • The last decade
  • Holography
  • Matrix theory
  • Landscape

5. The Bogdanov methods to solve the puzzle

  • Fluctuations at the Planck scale
  • Topological field theory
  • Chern-Simons theory
  • Fluctuations of time at the Planck scale?
  • New subtleties near the time zero
  • Quantum groups and noncommutative geometry
  • Space, time, temperature, and complex signatures
  • Real and imaginary time
  • Quantum foam
  • Symmetries and conservation laws
  • Supersymmetry and supergravity
  • Possible repercussions of the fluctuations in the telescopes
  • Bogdanovs' tale about creation: summary

6. Strange adventures of the Bogdanov twins

  • Unexpected thesis defenses
  • A brief history of their adventures
  • How physicists evaluate ideas
  • Groupthink vs individual appraisal of science

7. Tomorrow and beyond

  • Three realities
  • Cosmological code
  • Complex and imaginary time
  • The moment zero and information
  • A homework for experts

Unfortunately, I can't write more here, for example the equation itself and whether it is correct. The reader will hopefully understand. ;-)

J.K. Rowling also didn't explain her readers on her blog whether Harry Potter was just injured in the last, 7th book and whether the injury hasn't been painful for 19 years after the fight. :-)

A bright independent reader has actually read the book and understood the message. Thanks, Marc!

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