Thursday, January 24, 2008

RSS MSU corrections & record cold temperatures

First, you should know that John Christy and Roy Spencer (UAH MSU) have identified an error in their competition's data (RSS MSU). You should notice that two climate skeptics have actually made some data look warmer than previously reported. Would the champions of the global warming alarm ever actively identify an error whose correction would cool down the Earth?

The corrected RSS MSU results are approximately 0.1 °C warmer for 2007 than previously reported and they are closer to UAH MSU and articles such as one about the very cold year 2007 will have to be corrected. See the link at the top of that page.

Independently of that, HadCRUT's station-based data show that December 2007 was the coldest month of this century so far and 2007 was the coldest year i.e. the "eighth warmest year" after remaining years of the 21st century and 1998. Paradoxically enough, HadCRUT3 makes 2007 look cooler than the satellite teams.

Recently, during the last two days or so, record cold temperatures were recorded in

and other places. Near-record low temperatures are seen in nearby regions such as Wyoming, Canada, Pakistan, North Carolina, and others.

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