Friday, February 08, 2008

Biofuels produce a lot of CO2

I've been watching the Czech presidential elections the whole day - it has a chance to be completed tomorrow after 10 a.m. in which case I would definitely write a report. Stay tuned.

The New York Times
describes papers published in Science that reveal that the production of biofuels actually increases the human contribution to CO2 in the atmosphere, mostly due to the associated modification of the land.

This bizarre technology of biofuels is being largely promoted by the propaganda against CO2 as a gas - even though, much like all decent people in the world, I love my carbon dioxide - but it turns out that the sign of the argument has been wrong. Nevertheless, the biofuel policy leads to increasing food prices and inflation in many countries of the world. It helps to spread hunger from the poorest communities in the poorest countries to others.

I think that the charlatans and fraudsters who are responsible for these insane policies and who have benefitted from them at the same moment should pay some kind of compensations. The global warming hysteria is hopefully approaching its end. I feel that we should be slowly preparing for the days - perhaps as early as in 2008 - when the absurdity of the alarm and dishonesty of its champions is going to be appreciated by a majority of the society.

We should ask the following questions, among others: Have there been some events that can be considered illegal? Which people should pay for having dishonestly acquired huge resources and positions and what laws have they exactly violated? Which people have been damaged seriously enough to be compensated? A serious and rational discussion about these issues should begin soon.

I, for one, do think that the assets of the big fish like Al Gore should be confiscated and used for compensation of those who have been harrassed and cheated by the anti-greenhouse movement. But we must also know in advance where to stop.

Some of the immoral people of the alarm are also making other kinds of crime - for example, John Lefebvre (of the Lefebvre foundation) who pays a large fraction of the money to the ecoNazi website DeSmogBlog he co-founded is facing substantial prison time (20 years) after pleading guilty to federal money-laundering charges (he is released on a USD 5 million bail) - but even those who don't make other kinds of crime than earning by climate alarm should be looked at.

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